We provide dance opportunities and also support charities and positive causes in our area.

What Does DCDC Do With The Money?

One of the things we don’t seem to get the point across enough on is what we do with the money generated from dues and dances. Well, first we pay the expenses for hall rentals, this web site, post cards and newsletters, or there may be decorations or computer expenses, etc. We are a dance club right? We have dances to raise money for the dance club so we can have more dances. Dancing is a fun way to increase brain function and physical fitness for all who participate.

DCDC’s purpose is to preserve country music and dance. We also support our community.

The last few words of the first paragraphs of our bylaws and constitution reads “and to recognize positive cause.” Well, what is positive cause anyway? Well, let’s dig a little deeper and take a look at our Articles of Incorporation.

Did you notice the first description of our purposes is the word charitable? We give a portion of our money to charity, or recognize a positive cause  so we can connect with the community. We will also work to support charities and people in need throughout the year.

“Positive cause” is an optimistic and constructive way to help a person, people or organizations. We recognize reasons to do something good and helpful. For example, DCDC can donate to a family whose house had burned down, or donate to someone who has heavy burdens of medical bills, or maybe someone who is just having trouble paying the heating bills. Positive cause could be as simple as dancing a routine at a nursing home and encouraging some smiles and enlighten them a bit. We could gather together and fix the steps of someone’s home, or gather items to send in a care package to our troops. “Positive cause” is anything that can help a person or organization in need.

What has DCDC done with our allocated charitable contributions over the years? We have donated thousands over the years to March of Dimes and Children’s Inn for example. We had a performance group that did dance routines at the Teddy Bear Picnics and Buffalo Days in Luverne, MN. The performance group also performed at a couple of malls.