Ten Step Partner Dance

(a.k.a. Texas Ten Step, Ten Step Polka)

Watermelon Crawl
Here are the written instructions and instructional video.  Also a version done to Cherokee Boogie

West Coast Swing
Who say's you are to old to dance. This is a must see for All you Men that are struggling with the lead (or Ladies following a lead) on the dance floor!

Waltz Over Texas
This is a group, partner linedance taught at our 2011 Fall Fest by Brian and Lynette Dawley. This was done to the music Waltz Over Texas and created by Jim Farrazzano

Tush Push
Tush Push is an oldie but a goodie.  (2 videos)

Sierra Rose
Country Line Dance by The Down Home Dancers

Cotton Eyed Joe
Here are the steps to the Cotton Eye Joe. You can do this by your self, with a partner or with 4-8 people.  Also a CEJ Mixer with same steps used by DCDC

Sunshine and Whiskey
Line Dance :Lesson Sunshine And Whiskey Choreo. Wendy Mager Music by Frankie Ballard

Two Step
Jack and Jill Competitions randomly pair up contestants on the dance floor. This is the first time these competition dancers ever danced together. There are three songs they danced to.  Also Two Step at the highest competitive level.

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