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Dance Studios in Sioux Falls

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DCDC Membership Registration

Thank you for your membership.

You will enjoy all benefits Dakota Country Dance Club (DCDC) can do for you.

  • Members enjoy free or reduced admission to events.

  • You will receive weekly emails from Dakota Country Happenings. This is your handy reference to be updated on country dance events, concerts, etc. in the Midwest area. A must have for dancers!

  • Your membership dues help to support our movement to create and promote programs to elevate country dancing to new heights of enjoyment.

  • Whether you are a beginner or an ace, we can meet your needs. We present you opportunities to show off your dance moves, teach you dance moves, and get to learn new ones


Fill out this form, if you would like to pay online click add to cart after you submit this form.


If you would like to pay by mail, fill out this form submit it then send a check for $25.00 pp to:

Dakota Country Dance Club

PO Box 634

Sioux Falls, SD 57101

Please submit form then add membership to cart.

Dakota Country Dance Club (DCDC) is a non-profit organization

  • Our mission is to organize, promote and preserve country dance and music. Members will enjoy the opportunity to participate in Country Western Dances and Dance Lessons.

  • We strive to create extraordinary country dance experiences in the Mid-West.

  • Your membership dues aids in creating and promoting country dance events and lessons.

  • DCDC has provides weekly email to members called "Dakota Happenings." Dakota Happenings gives the most comprehensive listing of country music events you could find in any one place!

Membership Dues are $25 per person, per year. 

Contact DCDC

Thanks for submitting!

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Awesome way to introduce the young ones to dance and burn off a little energy!

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