Upcoming Events

Dance Lessons Every Saturday Night at
 Borrowed Bucks

See You There !!!!

Welcome to Dakota Country Dance Club!
We are a non-profit organization. The sole purpose of this club is to organize, promote, preserve, and enjoy country dancing and music, and to recognize positive causes.

You don't have to know how to dance to join us. You only need to know how to have fun. We will help you with the dance!

​​​​​​Upcoming Weekend

Friday, Jan 13

 Break Even at VFW at 8 PM

 BB Seacrist at Grand Falls at 8:30 PM

​Saturday, Jan 14

 Break Even at VFW at 8 PM

​BB Seacrist at Grand Falls at 8:30 PM

Line Dance Lesson at Bucks at 4:30 PM, $6
Couples Lesson at Bucks at 6 PM, $6

($8 to do both sessions)

DCDC Winter Dance

Jan 20th 6:30 PM

​American Legion in Tea