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Welcome to Dakota Country Dance Club!

We are a non-profit organization. The sole purpose of this club is to organize, promote, preserve, and enjoy country dancing and music, and to recognize positive causes.

You don't have to know how to dance to join us. You only need to know how to have fun. We will help you with the dance!

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Dakota Country Dance Club Inducted into Legends of South Dakota Country Music

Posted on: 09-27-2014 at 9:21 am in


Legends of South Dakota Country Music induction, September 21, 2014

Our next inductee Dakota Country Dance Club, is a non-profit organization consisting of people who love and supported Country Music. They express their love of country music through dancing. A study by National Academy of Sciences found that music and dancing share a paralleled expression of emotion. Basically or emotionally, music moves us.

Mary Louis Smith, the cornerstone of this movement, wanted to share her emotion through country dance. In 1980 the movie Urban Cowboy with John Travolta came out and this movement of country dance and music exploded. Mary’s Dance Academy and the Civic Dance Association began teaching and expanded into Community Education classes, the Rainbow Bar and the Stardust Lounge. Couples like Jerry & Kathy Nusz soon learned how to dance.

In the spring of 1984, six people wanted to create an organization to promote country dancing. Their ideas were shared with a group being organized as country western performance dancers. By late summer, Dakota Country Dance Club was born with 65 members. Dave Rasmusson, Jerry & Kathy Nusz, 30 year Charter Members started in the Performance Group. Mary Louise Smith continued teaching and as new students flourished more teachers emerged. Jerry & Kathy Nusz, Jerry VanVeek & Susanne Paradeis, Jerry & Peni Burns and Dick Mortenson & Renee Whalen to name a few. They taught in places like Tea Legion, Benton Hall in Crooks, Acoustic Hall in Dell Rapids, the Hartford Legion and spread out from there. There was the Luverne & Sioux Falls VFW, Long Branch Saloon in Worthington, MN. As the membership grew, dance lessons were being taught complementary in places like Barrowed Bucks Roadhouse, Twisters in Tea and the Grain Bin. They danced to bands at the Moose and Elks clubs and the El Riad Shrine Mosque Downtown Sioux Falls.

Dakota Country Dance Club followed these bands and played their music in many local and regional places in the tri-state area. Bands like Diamond Country, Enterprise and Little Canyon band. There was Yesterday’s Wine, American Made, the Bee Kays and Vermillion band to name a few. These bands, their musicians, flourished right along with the dance club.

Dakota Country Dance Club also known as DCDC put on many events and dances. Their Spring RoundUp Dance & membership drive has gone on from the beginning. The Fall Festival workshops, performances and dance would last 1 to 3 days for the last 27 years. By the time Achy Breaky Heart became a phenomenon and county line dance in 1992, DCDC would be growing to over 250 members.

DCDC was incorporated as a Non-Profit Organization in 1986. They recognized dance and music are a lot alike, just in different forms of expression. They started contributing back to the community whether in monetary or as a positive cause. Today, 30 years young, this is the longest running dance club in South Dakota. They are governed by four documents, their Constitution and By-Laws, Dance Hall Etiquette, Summary & Policy Statement, and Robert’s Rules of Order. Their mission statement has expanded throughout the years to: Dakota Country Dance Club shall be a non-profit organization. The sole purpose of this club is to organize, promote, preserve, enjoy country dancing, music and contribute to positive cause.

Welcome Dakota Country Dance Club, our newest member, to Legends of South Dakota Country Music!

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Dakota Country Dance Club, DCDC,Country western dance club and members benefits.

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A 15 minute Hands Only CPR Class

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